With its "take no prisoners" approach to file sharing, DVD and CD ripping, the more tech-savy dark side netizens see it as a tempting target. You can imagine the odd DDoS attack, but would you be surprised to discover that on Monday the RIAA site was hacked for the sixth time in six months. What is more, it seems to take their tech teams hours or even days to spot the attacks, often with laughable results that linger for hours. Web site defacement of the crudest nature has often gone unchecked for some time. And "this time, the defacement resulted in bogus press releases on the front door", the details of which are just a little too XXX to post about here.

But you can read about them here.

"Some security experts said in no uncertain terms that the latest defacements indicate the RIAA is clueless about technology. They charge that this ignorance has resulted in the RIAA attempting to combat digital file sharing in ineffective, counter-productive ways."