Samsung Electronics today unveiled two new flash-based storage solutions for mobile use: a high-density 64GB moviNAND flash memory chip and a removable 32GB micro secure digital (SD) card. Both products are based on Samsung's 32Gbit NAND flash memory chips, which use 30 nanometer lithography technology, allowing large amounts of storage to be crammed into tiny packages.

The 64GB moviNAND memory is only 1.4mm tall and comprises of 16 Multi-level cell based NAND chips and a controller. Both Toshiba and Samsung are currently suppliers of flash memory to Apple, and the two have announced similar capacity modules, only Samsung's solution has been in mass-production since December and will be first on the market. The moviNAND line also includes 32GB, 16GB, 8GB, and 4GB products.

It's not too hard to imagine then that the next iteration of iPhone and iPod touch devices will feature higher capacity on-board memory using modules from both companies – as might competing smartphones and other mobile devices. Meanwhile, for all kinds of gadgets featuring expandable storage through microSD cards, Samsung's newest 32GB offering should be on the production lines starting next month.