Update: The release is now live at the official Firefox page. As always you can use the browser's "Check for Updates..." feature under Help to get the latest version or choose the appropriate OS below to download.

Download: Firefox 3.6 for Windows | Mac OS X | Other systems and languages

Mozilla has popped out the final release of Firefox 3.6 just a couple of days after its second release candidate was made public. Although an official announcement hasn't been made yet, users can already download the latest version from the company's FTP servers.

Firefox 3.6 is intended as a relatively minor update to version 3.5 which was released in the first half of 2009. Initially planned for availability in November, a variety of 'blockers' (severe bugs) forced Mozilla to postpone the launch on more than one occasion. Curiously, the timing of this release now seems perfect with all the criticism Microsoft is facing from users for IE's role in the recent attacks on Google.

Among the new features users can look forward to are a new Gecko rendering engine, updates to the Awesome Bar, quick theming with Personas, full-screen support for native videos embedded using the video HTML tag, and a 20% performance improvement on page rendering.