The growth of the Internet is showing no signs of slowing down. It's impossible to keep up with the Web's daily happenings – let alone an entire year worth of activity. The folks at Pingdom have compiled a list of stats from various sources around the Internet to answer questions we've all pondered.

According to the collected data, over 90 trillion emails were sent to 1.4 billion email users worldwide in 2009. About 82% of those messages were spam, and junk mail has increased 24% from last year. The year closed with some 234 million websites – 47 million were created in 2009.

There were 81.8 million .COM domains, 76.3 million country code top-level domains (.UK for example), and 12.3 million .NET domain names. Web server Nginx exploded by 384.4% last year, while others such as Lighttpd and IIS fell by 72.4% and 22.1%.

As of September 2009 there were 1.73 billion Internet users on the globe, which is an 18% increase from 2008, and Asia accounted for more than North America, Europe and the Middle East combined. There were 126 million blogs, and 84% of social network sites had more women than men – a valuable piece of info for you single fellas.

The stats continue, and each section is more in-depth than the glimpse I've provided. Do any of the figures surprise you?