AT&T announced today that it would allow the SlingPlayer Mobile iPhone app to stream content over its 3G network. A year ago, the telecom company refused to let Sling Media's application run on 3G, limiting it to Wi-Fi connections. At the time, AT&T said the service was too bandwidth-intensive, and it could overwhelm the company's network -- but that stance has changed.

AT&T has been testing the app since December and has cleared an "optimized" version to run on its 3G network. A Sling Media spokesman said the app "dynamically adjusts the bandwidth based on network conditions and picture quality," so it shouldn't add any undue additional load on AT&T's network.

The upgraded SlingPlayer Mobile is still pending approval from Apple, but assuming it passes, owners of the $30 app will receive a free update. If you're unfamiliar with all of this Sling business, check out our review of the Slingbox Pro-HD and SlingLink Turbo.