Corsair has introduced a fresh pair of 2.5-inch SSD lines, Nova and Reactor. Each series is comprised of two products: Nova brings 64GB and 128GB drives, while Reactor carries 60GB and 120GB models.

The 64GB Nova offers 64MB of cache and a maximum read/write rate of 215MB/s and 130MB/s, and the 128GB unit bumps the write speed up to 195MB/s. The Reactor line boosts that to 128MB of cache, and the 60GB tops out at 250MB/s and 110MB/s read/write, while the 120GB drive can achieve up to 170MB/s on writes.

The Nova line is believed to house an Indilinx controller, and all of the drives use MLC NAND flash memory with a second-gen SATA interface. Pricing isn't official, but Fudzilla cites a couple of EU listings that show the Nova drives at €160.11 and €298, and the Reactor models at €151.67 and €290.35. A launch date hasn't been disclosed.

Corsair is also reportedly preparing a 3.5-inch SSD that features a 128MB cache, 200MB/s and 240MB/s read/write speeds, 512GB of storage, and a £1,250 asking price.