Texas Instruments has unveiled the industry's first single quad-radio package, incorporating WLAN 802.11n, GPS, FM transmit/receive, and Bluetooth technologies in one 65nm chip. The WiLink 7.0 boasts several benefits, including a 30% cost reduction, it requires 50% less space, and superior coexistence performance than existing solutions.

The WiLink offers a few unique benefits, such as hardware mechanisms to cancel out board and chip-level RF interference at the source, and low energy inter-core communication prioritizes packet scheduling and supports more connections in parallel. A full list of features can be read after the break, but something that jumps out is best in class 3GPP and RF performance.

Texas Instruments is shipping samples of the WiLink 7.0 to major OEMs today, and the company expects devices using the part to surface toward the end of 2010.

Unique coexistence capabilities

* Hardware mechanisms cancel out board- and chip-level RF interference at the source to simplify design process
* Enhanced WiFi/Bluetooth/Bluetooth Low Energy inter-core communication prioritizes packet scheduling, supports more connections in parallel

High-performance GPS core

* Best-in-class 3GPP test performance
* Multi-path resolution engine coupled with advanced algorithms reduces interference impact for more accurate positioning in urban canyons
* On-chip position engine simplifies integration with device host processor
* Supports reduced power consumption during tracking
* Host-independent location buffering and geo-fencing features further reduce host loading and power consumption

Powerful Bluetooth core

* Best-in-class RF performance
* Dedicated audio processor system-on-chip
* Supports latest Bluetooth low-energy and Bluetooth 3.0 specifications
* Extensible to support additional protocols

Robust Wi-Fi core

* Supports the soon-to be ratified WiFi Direct™ and Soft AP mode capabilities, extensible to support additional protocols
* Supports 802.11 a/b/g/n capabilities

FM core

* Increased output power for FM transmit combined with highly sensitive FM receive delivers cleaner FM experience
* Supports internal antenna