Outlook is the latest of Microsoft's products to be tied into popular social networks. Last November, Microsoft revealed that a new feature called Outlook Social Connector would gather social feeds from social sites. LinkedIn was the first aboard, and a beta version of the LinkedIn OSC has just launched for Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010 users.

Adding the feature lets you access your LinkedIn account to view your connections' status updates and photos next to emails they send you, as well as add more people. Outlook's contact information automatically updates based on your colleagues' LinkedIn phone number, email, and other details. Contact information can also be synced with your mobile phone.

Additionally, Redmond has revealed two new partnerships. Sometime in the next few months – probably alongside the launch of Office 2010 – Microsoft will release Facebook and MySpace OSC features for the email client. Among other things, users will be able view their friends' activity and photos.