Exactly one week after confirming its purchase of social search startup Aardvark, and bringing the ex-Googlers who founded it back to the mothership, Google has made a similar move by snapping up reMail. The popular iPhone app which provides "lightning fast" full-text search of your Gmail and IMAP email accounts was also created by a Google veteran, and one of the original members of Google's Gmail team, Gabor Cselle.

Cselle will be rejoining Google in Mountain View as a product manager on the Gmail team. However, this is where things get a bit bitter for those looking to use reMail to search their email in the iPhone. From Cselle's blog: "Google and reMail have decided to discontinue reMail's iPhone application, and we have removed it from the App Store." It will still work for current users and will be supported until the end of March.

Losing an iPhone app company to Google is hardly going to make a big difference for Apple, but it's yet another indication of the growing tensions between the two in the mobile space. The likely result is that reMail's technology will find a place in Android or Gmail – and away from the competition.