Keeping sensitive data safe from prying eyes is a big concern when it comes to portable storage. Should your USB flash drive fall into the wrong hands the consequences could be disastrous -- or embarrassing to say the least. With that in mind Corsair introduced the original Flash Padlock back in 2007, featuring a keypad right on the enclosure that allowed users to access their secured data by entering a PIN code.

Today the company is updating the series with a new 8GB model that shares many of the same security features and adds a few others. For one, the Flash Padlock 2 lets users erase the drive's contents and define a new PIN code (up to ten digits long) if they happen to forget their initial one, while 256-bit hardware data encryption will guard the drive's contents against most types of data theft.

There's also has a lockout feature that prevents the drive from being accessed for two minutes if multiple failed login attempts are made. The new Flash Padlock 2 shares its rugged construction with the Flash Voyager range and is consequently resistant to most drops and splashes. It's available now from different retailers for around $54.99 and comes with a limited 10-year warranty.