It seems Nvidia might make good on its commitment to launch the GF100 GPU in the first quarter – at least on paper, anyway. The company has posted a page revealing plans to demo and presumably release its next-generation graphics technology. Nvidia is preparing a "must see" presentation on Friday, March 27 at the upcoming PAX East 2010 convention.

Additionally, the company has secured a booth where users will get a hands-on look at Fermi. Attendees will be able to test drive popular (and some unreleased) games on the next-gen GPU, with the opportunity to compete for prizes. Some Nvidia diehards may even be able to purchase a Fermi-based card at the event.

While Nvidia failed to mention a price on the cards, an XFX GeForce GTX 480 2GB preorder has been spotted online for $679.99. The card was pulled, but not before a number of snide – though comical – "reviews" were left. You can read a few of those reviews via this screenshot.