Acer has been forthright about its plans and predictions. The company is fixated on taking HP's number one crown, and if that weren't ambitious enough, it recently predicted the demise of US-based computer manufacturers. Acer has grown substantially over the last couple years, acquiring several PC makers (Gateway, eMachines, and Packard Bell to name a few), and according to DigiTimes, the company might be eyeing Fujitsu's laptop business.

Citing "market watchers," DigiTimes reports that an acquisition would be the quickest way for Acer to surpass HP in terms of global notebook shipments. The company needs to grow by more than 40% this year to achieve its goal – 45.2% to be precise. Acer sold about 31 million notebooks in 2009, up 32% on-year with an 18% market share, while HP shipped about 37 million units and expects to sell 42 to 45 million laptops in 2010.

Market watchers believe Fujitsu is a prime target for acquisition, as it has strong sales in Western Europe and Japan, shipping around three million notebooks in 2009. Regardless of whether it takes the top position, Acer has a lock on second place and seems to be doing very well for itself.