Analysts: Acer should buy Fujitsu's laptop business

By Matthew ยท 5 replies
Mar 1, 2010
  1. Acer has been forthright about its plans and predictions. The company is fixated on taking HP's number one crown, and if that weren't ambitious enough, it recently predicted the demise of US-based computer manufacturers. Acer has grown substantially over the last couple years, acquiring several PC makers (Gateway, eMachines, and Packard Bell to name a few), and according to DigiTimes, the company might be eyeing Fujitsu's laptop business.

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  2. AfricanTech

    AfricanTech TS Rookie Posts: 69

    I'm amazed that Acer has been doing so well in the both the desktop and laptop market. My personal experience with their machines has not been good - initial price is good but longevity and subsequent support has been lacking. After my experiences I'll stick to HP, Dell, Lenovo, Apple, and Toshiba thanks.
  3. DJ83

    DJ83 TS Enthusiast Posts: 33

    Interesting you say that, from you user name I presume you based in Africa, I had bad experiences with Acer machines while in southern Africa, but in the UK they seem to provide better support. I still think Acer load too much software on their machines that are really not necessary.
  4. nismo91

    nismo91 TS Evangelist Posts: 929   +31

    i had to agree that acer has preloaded their laptops with many bloatware. but interestingly my friend's acer predator seems to be free from these bloatware. maybe they knew gamers hate bloatware.

    anyway i have good experience with both my acer machines and running great. acer deserves the 2nd place imo.
  5. JudaZ

    JudaZ TS Enthusiast Posts: 284

    My experience with Acer has also been less then good, and I even worked as a reseller of their products. Their support is terrible, and their products always seem chepa build in a way.

    prefer HP for quality all the way. They have had some issues with some hardware in the past, but if they do my experience is that tey are very honest about it if it happens. ...Acer always tries to blaim the user, even if its obvious its a production error.

    ...its easy to get the biggest manufacturer in the world if you keep buying other companies, does not meen your products are any good though..

    ...i feel Acers products are like their corporate events i attended a few times, lots of booze and disoriented people.
  6. I think they gain number two spot because of the price of their laptop, not from the quality side. However from my experience, Sony Vaio is the least preffered as I bought one in Dec 2008 and after using for 1 day, I realized it couldn't be restarted. What a shame! I sent to the shop asking for replacement but they insist on repairing the laptop and the rest is nightmare.

    HP but is great but Compaq is another 'Sony Vaio'
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