Opera has cut loose the final build of 10.50, and it's eagerly awaiting your download. While Opera may only hold a few percentage points in the browser market, it isn't shy about claiming to be the world's fastest browser – and it is very quick.

"Opera 10.50 is the fastest browser in almost all speed tests," said Opera CEO Lars Boilesen. "But, more important than any speed test is the real-world speed during use. We designed Opera 10.50 to be easy to use, while making our unique features stand out, so you can get more out of the Web."

Among the most noteworthy features of Opera 10.50 is the new JavaScript engine (Carakan) and rendering engine (Presto 2.5). It also sports a redesigned user interface, better integration with Windows 7 and Vista, an enhanced private browsing mode, visual tabs, and improved support for CSS3 and HTML5.

Not so coincidentally, the latest version of Opera has been released just as Microsoft is deploying a browser ballot to millions of Europeans. Grab your download of Opera 10.50 for Windows here. Mac and Linux versions are on their way.