Typical Windows user patches every 5 days The typical home user running Windows faces the "unreasonable" task of patching software an average of every five days, a security and vulnerability research company said today. "It's completely unreasonable to expect users to master so many different patch mechanisms and spend so much time patching," said Thomas Kristensen, the chief security officer of Secunia. Computerworld

Web browser Grand Prix: The top five, tested and ranked "The fastest browser on Earth." That's what the Opera homepage has said since Tuesday. After five release candidates and two betas, the boys from Oslo just recently launched the final build of Opera 10.50. That's a pretty heavy claim to make, though, especially with well-establish competition already in the field demonstrating impressive performance at an unbeatably-low price. Does it hold up? Tom's Hardware

CeBIT 2010 tradeshow coverage Another year has passed and this year's CeBIT was held this week. 2010, the year where everybody tries to recover from the financial state in the world. A year where there were again less exhibitors at CeBIT, but also a year that had a decent amount of things to show at CeBIT. Guru3D

Police get Webcam pictures in school spy case Two IT employees at Pennsylvania's Lower Merion School District have been put on administrative leave, and pictures taken from Webcams on school-issued computers have been turned over to the local police department, according to the attorney of one of the employees now on leave. CNET

HTC on Nexus One cracked screen: "They don't go in pockets" Last month, we shared the sad story of how our brand-new Google Nexus One went from Crave fave to purple nurple, with a cracked screen that scarred its beautiful AMOLED screen forever. CNET

And BitTorrent’s Oscar goes to…. District 9 In just a few hours the Oscar winners will be announced, including the award for the best movie of 2009. We take a look at the nominees in the Best Picture category to see which film would win if every download on BitTorrent counted as a vote. TorrentFreak

Rapportive replaces Gmail ads with contact info, is very cool Firefox/Chrome: Sure it's nice and all that we get Gmail for free, but those ads to the right of open messages aren't really all that helpful. Free browser add-on Rapportive replaces Gmail ads with contact info about the sender. LifeHacker