Razer has announced the arrival of its first gaming mouse designed specifically for left-handed users, the Razer DeathAdder Left Hand Edition. Crafted with professional left-handed gamers in mind, the new mouse combines an ergonomic form factor with a 3.5G infrared sensor, offering lefties a competitive edge compared to existing ambidextrous or right-handed mice.

Razer president Robert Krakoff said users have been after the company to create a gaming mouse for southpaw users. Identifying with the woes of using uncomfortable mice, Krakoff noted that he is a lefty and is excited to have a mouse that fits perfectly in his hand.

Spec-wise, the Left Hand Edition is seemingly identical to the original DeathAdder, including 1000Hz utrapolling, five independently programmable buttons, on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment, always-on mode, a 16-bit data path, and a gold-plated, seven-foot USB cable.

The Left Hand Edition is available for pre-order through Razer's online store for $59.99 (the same price as the original DeathAdder). While it's debut is on March 24, its status is set to "Back Order" so your mouse might ship a little later than advertised.