EVGA has launched the "mother of all motherboards," a dual-socket PCB capable of housing two of Intel's six-core Xeon processors. Officially dubbed the Classified SR-2, the board uses Intel's 5220 chipset and has twin LGA1366 sockets, providing the foundation for a colossal 12-core, 24-threaded monster box. It's worth noting that Intel's Core i7-980X isn't supported.

Along with space for two server-grade chips, the motherboard houses 12 DIMM slots with support for up to 48GB of DDR3 1333MHz RAM, and seven PCIe x16/8 slots supporting up to four-way SLI or CrossFireX. It also has dual gigabit Ethernet, two SATA III, six SATA II, two eSATA, two USB 3.0, and six rear-mounted USB 2.0 ports, as well as eight-channel HD audio.

Obviously squeezing all of that onto an ATX board would be a nightmare, so the Classified SR-2 makes use of the new HPTX form factor and measures 15x13.6-inches. To accompany the board, EVGA will introduce a new PSU rated at 1200W, with a peak power output of 1500W and six +12v rails capable of pumping 38A each.

EVGA is currently selling the Classified SR-2 for $600. No word on pricing for the identically-branded PSU, but some say it's a rebadged Antec TPQ-1200, and that's fetching around $250.