Intel is reportedly gearing up to launch several new processors, including one that is unlocked. The Core i7-875K is the company's first unlocked LGA1156 CPU, and according to Fudzilla it should fit in any P55-based motherboard, which will require a BIOS update to have full control over the chip's speed. The quad-core processor is believed to have a frequency around 3.0GHz, a 95W TDP, Turbo Boost, and supports dual-channel DDR3 1333MHz RAM.

Also on the horizon is a new 32nm dual-core Core i5-680, and the 45nm i7-870S. The former is said to be the highest-clocked Nehalem processor to date, with a speed of 3.6GHz. It will supposedly replace the i5-670 and cost about $284. Meanwhile, the latter supposedly clocks in at 2.93GHz with a reduced power consumption of 82W, and will run $560 in bulk. No precise launch schedule is known for the chips.