AdMob's February 2010 mobile analysis shows a substantial increase in smartphone and MID activity. Smartphone usage reportedly grew 193% from last year, representing 48% of AdMob's global traffic. Mobile Internet device traffic increased by 403% to account for 17% of all activity in AdMob's network, and Apple's iPod Touch was responsible for 93% of that surge.

Meanwhile, as users switched to smartphones, feature phones fell from 58% to 35% of the firm's worldwide traffic. Although their overall share of AdMob's network declined, traffic from feature phones actually rose by 31% -- they were simply outpaced by other device categories.

During February, the iPhone OS increased its share from 33% to 50%, while Android trailed with 24%, Symbian held 18%, RIM took 4%, and Windows Mobile claimed only 2%. Despite taking second place, Android was the fastest growing OS in the AdMob network, rising from only 2% a year ago.

Samsung had the largest manufacturer share at 32%, followed by Nokia with 24%, Sony Ericsson with 12%, and Motorola at 10%. Over 50% of the 14-plus billion ad requests came from the US, 5.9% were from India, 4.2% from the UK, 3.7% from Indonesia, 2.9% from Canada, 2.1% from France, and less than 2% were from Japan, Mexico, South Africa, and the Philippines.