Microsoft today passed around invitations to a debut event for Project Natal on the night of Sunday, June 13, as well as its annual media briefing the following morning. That date, of course, coincides with E3, which is scheduled to take place in LA from June 15 to June 17.

Redmond unveiled Project Natal at last year's E3, so it should be interesting to find out what's in store for the official "world premiere." Festivities will surely include the motion control in its near-final state, and Microsoft might even drop the name "Project Natal" in favor of something a bit more market-friendly.

Project Natal is expect reach stores in time for the holiday season, but a definitive ship date and price haven't been disclosed. Most expect the hardware to sell for about $80 alone, or in various additional packages that include games and other Xbox 360 merchandise.

Microsoft's invitations follow shortly after Sony publicly demoed the PlayStation Move, a Project Natal competitor, as well as the announcement of Nintendo's next-gen DS, which can reportedly display 3D images without glasses.