Asus has several tablets up its sleeve, CEO Jonney Shih said in an interview today. Shih told Forbes that his company would reveal "at least two" slates in the coming months. Although no precise date was given, Computex is just around the corner, so bet on a June unveiling.

Likewise, there are few official specifications to share, but Shih says his company isn't whipping up a couple of iPad clones. One of Asus' tablets will likely run Google software – be it Chrome OS or Android – and the other will use Microsoft Windows. The tablets will also emphasize multimedia capability and "content will play a very important role."

Among many other companies, Asus is positioned against Apple, who has witnessed early preorder success and is already printing off shipping labels. Considering that Asus is credited with popularizing netbooks, it should be interesting to see how the company approaches yet another emerging portable segment.