Samsung has unveiled a new heavyweight DRAM module claimed to be the industry's "highest-density monolithic DDR3 device." Engineered for use in high-end servers, the 32GB stick is made with 36 dual-die 40nm 4Gb DDR3 chips. This announcement follows roughly one year after the company unveiled its 50nm 2Gb-based 16GB RDIMM, and the new 32GB module reportedly offers equal, if not more performance, with little increase in power consumption.

Samsung says that equipping a dual-processor, two-way server with its new 32GB creation, the system can have of to 384GB of memory. This effectively doubles the previous largest density of 192GB per server, but only draws 5% more power. Additionally, replacing 12 16GB modules with only six 32GB sticks would total 192GB, while the DRAM would be 33% faster, jumping from 800Mb/s to 1,066Mb/s, all while reducing power consumption by 40%.

Samsung is currently shipping samples of the new 32GB offering and plans to enter mass production in April.