It's been five months since Microsoft released Windows 7, and it's gradually carving into its predecessor's market share. Redmond's latest OS commanded 10% of the pie in March, closing with around 10.23%, according to Net Applications' latest figures. During that same period, Windows Vista claimed some 16.01% and XP still dwarfed its elders with 64.46%.

Although many folks are finding it difficult to part with the decade-old operating system, it's worth noting that much of Windows 7's growth came at the expensive of XP. In February, Windows 7 held 8.92% of the usage, while Vista had 16.51% and XP 65.49%. It seems Microsoft's newest creation is wooing some users who stuck with XP through Vista's brief reign.

Meanwhile, Mac OS X's cut jumped from 5.02% to 5.33%, Linux grew slightly but still only holds 1%, while Windows as a whole fell from 92.12% to 91.58%.