Windows 7 climbs beyond 10% usage in March

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Apr 1, 2010
  1. It's been five months since Microsoft released Windows 7, and it's gradually carving into its predecessor's market share. Redmond's latest OS commanded 10% of the pie in March, closing with around 10.23%, according to Net Applications' latest figures. During that same period, Windows Vista claimed some 16.01% and XP still dwarfed its elders with 64.46%.

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  2. These statistics are not surprising if they include new computers. During Vista's reign, many people opted to order their computers with XP rather than Vista. That does not seem to be happening with Windows 7. Normally, one would expect to see people replacing older computers more than fairly new computers. Given that the computers with XP on the whole are older than those with Vista, it seems logical that those with XP are being replaced more frequently than those with Vista.

    I have not bought a new computer since Vista was introduced. I installed a copy of Windows 7 on a 7 year old XP computer more for educational purposes than anything else. It seems to run well, but not noticeably better than XP did.
  3. IMHO Linux figures may be a little understimated (a little, I'm not trying to say it might be on two digits order of magnitude...) because stats are based on web browsing.
    A lot of Linux machines are used as workorses as servers, or (recently) as virtual machines to provide additional services with low start-up/maintenance costs, so they doesn't show up as trypical end user browsing machine.
  4. Puiu

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    I wonder how long it will be until Mac OS stats loosing market share. All of the people switching to Win 7 are very pleased with it (including me). Unless Apples next release delivers something special i think by the end of the year they will drop below 5%. Also maybe when the next Ubuntu goes out of it's beta stage, it will grow beyond 1% (wishful thinking).
  5. TomSEA

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    Actually, I was kind of shocked to see Windows 7 as low as 10%. Considering it's success, I thought it would be more around 30%. Don't think that 10% figure will last long though....
  6. when ubuntu 10.04 is released,these stats will change im sure,ive tryed the beta out and ill tell you what i think microsoft better pay attention...actually they are because they know full well that linux is a competitor they even said it themselves
  7. Michael Schmidt

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    I agree, Ubuntu just keeps getting better and better. The advances in Linux are more about functionality than eye candy. I've used Ubuntu since 7.04 and have no M$ products. I've never looked back. Also, in some places the Linux market share is substantially higher than here.
  8. ET3D

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    The more interesting figures for me are those on the Steam Hardware Survey, which shows that about 60% of gamers surveyed have Vista or 7, and almost 80% of graphics cards are DX10 capable. This means that developers can start focusing on that level of hardware for PC game development.
  9. gingerbill

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    ET3D i was suprised by your figures and went to check them expecting you to be wrong , but you arent :) . The steam hardware survey is definetly the best place to look to see what hardware gamers are using.
  10. Axiarus

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    As long as Linux stays open source it will not be a big competitor. Its not bringing a profit.
  11. Adhocdegra

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    Sorry, but that isn't true. Vista users are converting over to Windows 7 as expected (estimated for over a 2 year period for the conversion from the day Windows 7 was first released), while the majority of Windows XP users simply bought a second computer with Windows 7 or won it as a free prize (I've no complaints for a free computer).

    Windows 7 End-User Estimate:
    The estimate for the number of users to buy & use Windows 7, through the next 2 years (2009-2011) is equal to the estimated number of current Vista Users (22.23% which was rounded to 23% by Microsoft). In general, only Vista users are expected to convert to and use Windows 7 along side new computer buyers that have no choice (with a Microsoft product or current Microsoft shelved computers).

    Aside from this original Microsoft estimate, if I take the current figures it would put it at 26.24% within two years from the date of Redmond's stats in Matthew DeCarlo's article. Microsoft doesn't expect Windows XP users to switch, but if they do, it's an extra bonus.

    Data Storage Corporations and Network Corporations may purchase a second system with Windows 7, but are not throwing away their systems with Windows XP and/or Windows Vista and above all have stated that they, "Reserve the right to revert back to the so-called older system without notice." Obviously, in the event of severe bugs or other issues which is common with new products regardless of whom makes them.

    I'm not going to restate disadvantages and advantages of Windows 7, and OS usages by global governments, which I've posted else where.

    It should be noted that Windows Vista is 'Windows Version 6.0', that Windows 7 is 'Windows Version 6.1', and that Windows 7 uses the Windows Vista Core (eg. Windows 7 is basicly an upgraded Windows Vista).

    The stats in Matthew Decarlo's article is accurate enough. Using the statistics he lists in his statements, here's the rest of the information that wasn't included in the article to complete the whole picture. (Note: You'll have to wait till Oct 2010 for a real annual figure comparison.)

    OS Usage Stat (Oct 2009):
    Windows XP: 67.55%
    Windows 2000: 0.96%
    Mac OS X: 4.71%
    Linux: 0.96%
    Other: 1.25%

    OS Usage Median Stat (Oct 2009):
    Windows 7: 2.18% *All Windows: 92.52%
    Windows Vista: 22.23%
    Windows XP: 67.55%
    Windows 2000: 0.59%
    Mac OS: 5.27%
    Linux: 0.96%
    Other: 1.25%

    OS Usage by Top 500 Super Computers (Nov 2009):
    Linux: 89.2%
    IBM AIX 4.4%
    Microsoft Windows HPC Server 2009: 1.0%
    OpenSolaris: 0.4%
    Mixed OS: 4.6%
    Other: 0.4%
  12. I am dual booting using windows Xp 64bit andd Windows7 64 bit never had any problem. they both run without glitches even without a dedicated graphics card. i am using AMD Athlon II X2 240.
  13. Looks like a good chunk of Windows users have switched to Mac OS-X! Steam's stats represent only the gamers sector, therefore just concerns the gaming community faction, and not accurately reflective or extrapolative.
  14. Ideally MS wants us to stick with their products no matter how buggy they are or can be, as that's how MS builds on their accolades. Since Vista turned out to be less satisfying than XP, MS basically fixes the core issues that were intrinsic to Vista and wraps it in a neater package, Windows Se7en. 7 is everything Vista should have been. Users migrating to 7 indicate a growing trend to embrace a better OS, and not necessarily a newer OS.
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