"Notebook players" cited by DigiTimes say that Intel has decided to hold off on launching new ultrathin notebook chips until the third quarter. The move was reportedly prompted in part by Acer's decision to reject the CULV chips in favor of Calpella-series processor for their TimelineX laptops. Intel may push the new CPUs back even further, depending on demand, which was lower than expected last year. The company declined to comment on unannounced products.

Ultrathins only accounted for about 10 to 15% of most notebook makers' total shipments in 2009 -- substantially lower than original predictions of 20 to 30%. For example, while ultrathins currently represent 40% of Asus' shipments in Taiwan, and demand is also strong in China, the range only accounts for 15% of the company's global sales. As such, companies are reducing orders to clear out existing stock, and sources expect prices to fall $32 to $95 in Taiwan during the second quarter.