Great news for many netbook users: Microsoft is reducing the admission price of Windows 7 Home Premium when upgrading from Windows 7 Starter. The Starter edition ships without many basic features, including the Aero Glass interface, fast user switching, multi-display support, and perhaps most annoyingly, personalization options, such as the ability to change desktop backgrounds, window color, or sound schemes.

Such limitations drive some users to upgrade to more mainstream editions of Windows 7, but many are discouraged by the additional expense -- and rightfully so. Among other benefits, netbooks are attractive because of their low price, and doling out $79.99 for an "anytime upgrade" to Windows 7 Home Premium is rough.

Starting April 4, participating retailers will offer upgrades from Starter to Home Premium for $49.99. Likewise, users of Home Premium can upgrade to Professional for $79.99. The promotion will last through July 3.