Upgrade from Windows 7 Starter to Home Premium for $50

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Apr 2, 2010
  1. Great news for many netbook users: Microsoft is reducing the admission price of Windows 7 Home Premium when upgrading from Windows 7 Starter. The Starter edition ships without many basic features, including the Aero Glass interface, fast user switching, multi-display support, and perhaps most annoyingly, personalization options, such as the ability to change desktop backgrounds, window color, or sound schemes.

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  2. PanicX

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    I recently had a user dismayed over this same thing. Bought a netbook for home use, but couldnt connect to their printer as the driver didn't recognize Win7 Starter as a supported OS and suggested they upgrade to Home Premium.

    They were of the opinion that it sounded like a scam to not be able to print, and I don't think I disagree with them.
  3. Matthew

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    I don't know how upfront the packaging is, but Starter's limitations should certainly be stamped on the box (be it a netbook or whatever). The average user wouldn't expect to be blocked from basic things like personalization features.
  4. SNGX1275

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    I've got 7 Starter on an Acer Aspire One and don't have too much of a problem with the limitations. Not being able to change the background sucked, but then I got Oceanis Change Background and it does the job sufficiently well. The Intel GMA 950 is so crap I can't imagine trying to run Aero on it. Now if you were trying to save money and got 7 Starter for a desktop PC, I can see how it would be totally inadequate.
  5. gwailo247

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  6. helobuff

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    I have a netbook.. an acer aspire one I just got and I was not happy about the price f the upgrade package! I was really surprized about the limitations and also my printer wont work with it.. you would think they woul put that on the package.. a real suckers play on us to not have it on the boxes that printer drivers wont work with the netbooks. Otherwise its pretty neat.. if you can manage with the tiny keyboard.. next time will just go for a laptop.. the expense of having to buy add ons.. like a DVD drive and wireless mouse and ofcourse the win 7 upgrade makes the netbooks not worth the money. unless they are for young kids just learning.
  7. SNGX1275

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    I disagree helobuff - I guess not being able to print does suck, but I haven't had the need to. I've got 1 printer that is hooked up to my main Windows PC and I have Dropbox running on 3 computers. Anything I need to print gets placed in that (or sometimes dropped over regular file sharing) and then I go print from that computer. I already have to be in that room to get the print out so I don't even know if I can or can't get printing to work from my netbook.

    For your other points, the only time I've wanted a DVD drive for the netbook was to create restore disks. It really sucked that the software to create restore disks didn't support making ISOs or backing up over the network or even a USB stick. Other than that I've had no issues at all with needing a DVD drive.

    I also don't use a wireless mouse.

    Maybe you just misguessed your needs in a portable computer and you should have gotten a cheap full size laptop, but mine is doing everything I need it to without additional purchases/headaches.
  8. So where can you get the upgrade for $50???
  9. I will have to count my blessings. I just got an Asus 1005HAB netbook and so far I have had no issues. Just connected to my wireless printer (HP C6180) and it worked like a charm,
    Asus also provides a way to change the desktop image. I can't change to a theme, but that doesnt matter to me.
    I also found info on how to update the registry key for the display to allow smaller resolutions.

    so far my netbook and win 7 starter are working great for me.
  10. staples.com seems to have the upgrade with free shipping...
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