For those of you who may be unaware, Buzz is Google's new foray into the burgeoning social networking arena with the likes of Facebook and Twitter. The full-featured version of service currently lives in Gmail, but to the disappointment of Buzz fans – and indifference of many critics – this had not been translated to mobile devices. Well, that just changed... a little bit, at least.

Starting today, Gmail users will be greeted with a more feature-rich client on their mobile devices using the service's standard web interface. Some of the biggest changes are the ability to comment on and reply to posts directly from the Gmail inbox as well as 'liking' posts. You can also still utilize the stand-alone web based client at, although there is no word on any official native apps.

While the iPhone and Android platforms are definitely supported, it is also rumored other platforms may work. Any Blackberry, Palm Pre or Windows Mobile users out there care to confirm? Visit on your mobile device and let us know.