PC enthusiasts are no strangers to long gaming sessions, and those who have recently upgraded to one of the latest and greatest graphics cards offered by ATI or Nvidia will surely be looking for something to throw at it. With the number of titles getting released quarter after quarter, coupled with some hard to pass discounts from Steam and other digital distribution mediums, it's easy to wind up with a large backlog of games and little time to get to them all.

Over the latter part of 2009 and first months of 2010 we have covered some of the PC games we're most excited about. Whether you've been keeping up with the hottest releases or still have your hands full with some past purchases, we want you to share what game -- or games -- you are playing right now.

Feel free to share your general opinions on the titles you've enjoyed the most as of late, and what other titles you have set your sights on. Discuss.