Mexico may cut millions of cellphones to fight crime Tens of millions of Mexicans could find their cellphones disconnected this weekend if the government goes ahead with a new law meant to fight crime by forcing people to register their identities. Reuters

5 ways Apple's iPhone OS 4 is a game changer Less than a week after launching the iPad, Apple teased iPhone users – as well as iPod Touch and iPad users – on Thursday by previewing some of the features in the next iteration of the iPhone operating system. Computerworld

Enso's zenPad is vaporware, get refunds while they last (update) Did you order a Enso zenPad? If so, you'll be happy to hear that the company has decided on a concrete release date; its website is now ticking down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until May 8th, when Enso claims they'll finally ship the rebranded Smit MID. Engadget

Adobe Flash evangelist: 'Go screw yourself Apple' A blog post by Adobe Flash platform evangelist Lee Brimelow has brought more fire to what's become a very public fight between Apple and Adobe over the inclusion of Flash and other Adobe technologies in Apple's portable devices. CNET

U.K. embraces 'three strikes' for illegal file sharing The U.K.'s House of Commons overwhelmingly voted in favor of creating a law that would enable copyright owners to seek the suspension of Internet service of those accused multiple times of illegal file sharing. CNET

Activision sues two fired developers Activision Blizzard Inc. came out with guns blazing Friday in its legal battle with two former lead developers of Call of Duty, the video game publisher's multibillion-dollar franchise. LA Times

Firefox 3.6.4 to bring stability boost with out-of-process plug-ins If you are a regular Firefox user one of the annoyances you have to put up with is a crash taking down your entire browser.