In a recent study, The Diffusion Group discovered that pound for pound, there are more PlayStation 3 systems connected to the Internet in the US than any other console. It's reported that 78% of stateside PS3s are hooked up to the Web, compared to 73% of Xbox 360s and only 54% of Wiis -- but they're not exactly all online gamers.

Michael Greeson, director of research, said that a portion of those ratios could be attributed to an increasing demand for "online media-video." In fact, the firm believes video game consoles are "best positioned to become the first mainstream over-the-top (OTT) video delivery platform."

If The Diffusion Group is correct and Web media influences the number of connected consoles -- which is undoubtedly true -- that could explain the PS3's higher online ratio. After all, the machine is touted as a complete entertainment hub, equipped with a Web browser, a Blu-ray player and more.