Verizon has announced that qualified FiOS TV customers can now access YouTube and Internet radio on their TV through the company's Media Manager software. Media Manager is a PC application that lets users stream content, such as pictures, music and videos to a TV directly through their FiOS HD or DVR set-top box. It also provides access to Web videos from, Dailymotion, and Veoh.

Although it's a notch above what most competing companies offer (read: nothing), Verizon's Media Manager software has been subject to criticism. The software isn't compatible with Macs, it has limited support for media formats, and many say it's downright clunky. Also, since FiOS set-top boxes are Web-connected, the PC Media Manager software shouldn't be required to stream Internet content.

Regardless of its faults, the added functionality is surely appreciated by those who actually use the feature. FiOS subscribers with a Windows PC can download Media Manager here. Non-FiOS customers, or folks who want a similar application with more features should check out Boxee.