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YouTube, Internet radio added to Verizon FiOS TV

By Matthew ยท 4 replies
Apr 27, 2010
  1. Verizon has announced that qualified FiOS TV customers can now access YouTube and Internet radio on their TV through the company's Media Manager software. Media Manager is a PC application that lets users stream content, such as pictures, music and videos to a TV directly through their FiOS HD or DVR set-top box. It also provides access to Web videos from blip.tv, Dailymotion, and Veoh.

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  2. cata12

    cata12 TS Rookie

  3. Well, I saw the TV commercials for this and just downloaded the new version of Media Manager.
    I get the interface but can't get the videos to actually play! What gives Verizon?
    Roy in Woodstock, Md
  4. w1n74mas0ch1sm

    w1n74mas0ch1sm TS Rookie

    more verizon BS

    Media? No. It ought be called useless photo/music streamer.

    fios Media Manager is moving away from streaming user video content.

    fios Media Manager will not stream user video. LAME!!!!

    proprietary software? lame

    CIFS... Ethernet... hello crossplatform?

    more verizon BS

    ONT to your ethernet appliances SIMULTANEOUSLY with moca. the coax loop (moca) is only required for the TV RF. Their retarded gateway can live happily on your ethernet private interface to provide widgets and guide data

    oh noes! now you know, too.

    don't hold your breath waiting for Matroska video support... you'll die of asphyxiation. instead pick a TV video streamer than supports matroska and has a wired ehternet port. Don't waste money on a fios DVR.

    be SURE to read the Media Manager TOS: especially the bit about service becoming unreliable and inability to return to pre-Media-Manager functionality.
  5. I use the media manager all the time. It plays every video and music file I have.

    I have used the youtube application - works as well as youtube on a computer. The only upgrading I've thought of so far would be to play streaming video from any website. But if it did that, I'd probably die on my couch within a month.
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