Paragon Software Group is offering up a free copy of its Drive Backup Professional tool as part of weekend sale which will run until 9 a.m. Eastern time on May 4. The software usually retails for $50 and includes several easy to use features to backup an image of either your entire hard drive or a partition. Backups can be performed in multiple ways, each with a different purpose, from simple backup of files to more advanced scheduled backup operations.

The version being given out for free is 9.5, rather than the latest 10.0 release. Nevertheless you'll get a very reliable and powerful backup solution with a lot of tools and features for getting your stuff secured against a possible drive failure in the future. If anything goes wrong and you need to restore your data, you can do it from a single backup image at any time without requiring you to install further software. A bootable recovery CD or USB stick can also be created.

Paragon Drive Backup 9.5 Professional has very basic system requirements (300MHz CPU, 256MB of RAM, 150MB storage space) and is available for download here. You must register to get the free serial.