Months after launching its revamped Envy 13 and 15, HP has officially unveiled 14 and 17-inch iterations of the MacBook Pro challenger. Both models have long been "confirmed" through various leaks and support documents, but HP has mostly kept its lips sealed until today. If you're at all familiar with the existing Envy lineup, the new models shouldn't come as a great surprise.

They boast the same all-aluminum chassis, Intel's latest Core CPUs, and ATI Mobility Radeon HD graphics. The Envy 14 pledges up to 13.75 hours of battery life and optional 3G connectivity, while the Envy 17 brings up to 2TB of storage, multi-display support via ATI Eyefinity, an HP Triple Bass Reflex Subwoofer, and up to eight hours of juice with the discrete GPU is disabled.

They don't ship without any new tricks though, as both address a few of the Envy 15's design flaws. For instance, both have backlit keyboards and slot-loading optical drives. Unfortunately, they still have the same "ClickPad" touchpad that many users complained about, but HP has reportedly reworked a few things software-wise and Engadget says it's a bit less finicky now.

The Envy 17 will be available as of May 19 with a starting price of $1,400, and the 14-inch version will kick off on June 27 for $1,000.