It's no secret how most video game developers and publishers feel about the second hand market, but it seems Electronic Arts has actually devised a plan to make up for the lost sales. Beginning with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, players will need an "Online Pass" to enjoy the game over Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network. These passes are included with new copies of the game, but second hand buyers will have to purchase another pass for $10.

The scheme will be replicated in all EA Sports titles going forward. As executive Peter Moore puts it, the move is all about accelerating the company's commitment to enhance premium online services to the entire robust EA Sports online community. In other words, it will help them rake in bigger profits. It may sound shady but for EA business is business, and it's not the first time something like this has been tried. Sony did something similar with SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs, while Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect 2 both included bonus content for new buyers only.

Used game purchasers will get access to a 7 day Online Pass trial, but after that you'll have to plunk down extra cash to get the full experience.