There's no shortage of products claiming to challenge the iPad, but Google and Verizon are whipping up some fierce competition, according to the carrier's CEO, Lowell McAdam. Calling tablets the "next big wave of opportunities," the telecom exec told the WSJ that his company is "looking at all the things Google has in its archives" which could make for a great tablet experience.

The device would not only rival Apple's popular slate but also AT&T, who carries the iPad as well as the iPhone. A solid Google and Verizon-branded tablet could easily find itself in a strong position against the Apple and AT&T combo. Unfortunately, details are scarce. Google's role in the project is unclear, and there is no information about a release timeframe or a manufacturer.

Google declined to comment on the device, saying only that anyone can use the company's mobile software to create phones and other devices. Some folks point out that McAdam could simply be blowing hot air to give Verizon more leverage in its negotiations with Apple to carry the iPhone and iPad - an observation that is entirely plausible at this stage.