Corsair is expanding its recently introduced Force range of solid-state drives today to include the F60, F120, and F240 models, sporting 60GB, 120GB, and 240GB capacities respectively. Just like their 100GB and 200GB siblings, the three new drives come in a 2.5-inch form factor using MLC NAND Flash memory chips, have a SATA 3.0 Gbps interface, offer TRIM support and are powered by the SandForce SF-1200 controller.

According to the numbers the company is quoting, performance doesn't vary based on the capacity of the drive. This means the entire range can reach a maximum read speed of 285 MB/s and write speeds of up to 275 MB/s. If Corsair can keep the price around $200 for the 60GB model it certainly could be a popular choice among users looking to jump in the SSD bandwagon with a fast drive for their operating system and applications.

The new additions to the Force family are expected to become available in June and will be offered with a two-year warranty. Unfortunately, no pricing information has been disclosed at this point.