PayPal wants to be in your TV, your DVD player and your car PayPal doesn't just want to be in your mobile phone, or behind the transfer of virtual goods in social networks such as Facebook, where it's one of the options for the new Facebook Credit payment system, according to President Scott Thompson. He told me during an interview in Toronto recently that he sees the company becoming the default payment engine for your television, your car, your DVD player and even your fridge. GigaOm

Buyer orders GTX 470, gets unreleased GTX 465 instead Even though the GeForce GTX 480 and GTX 470 haven't exactly been selling for very long, the web is already filled with talk of the upcoming Fermi model known as the GTX 465. So far, this card's specs have only been hinted at or speculated, but an unusual situation has arisen that seems to have shed light on the complete set of performance numbers. Softpedia

Empire Strikes 30: Ars looks back at an amazing film Star Wars: The Empire Strikes back is one of the best science fiction films ever made. It's also 30 years old today, so we give you official permission to feel old. While every movie in the original trilogy is endlessly quoted and referenced in pop culture, Empire Strikes Back is the film that comes the closest to being a great movie. Ars Technica

Foxconn employee dies in 10th fall this year An employee of tech firm Foxconn died on Friday after falling from a building in the southern manufacturing hub of Shenzhen, the tenth such fall since the start of this year, the official Xinhua news agency said. Reuters

Before the winners are announced, we'd like to thank everyone who joined us last night. Things were significantly more active and the server was well populated during most of the event. We hope you had as much fun as we did, and we look forward to playing with you again in the near future!

Now, onto the winners: Scoring 814 points, Xplicit clinched the first position, while Düstiñ_ds3000 was the randomly selected winner (coincidentally with the second best score). Expect an email soon guys. If you're curious to see how you fared, we've included a table with some basic stats after the jump.

Players Points Kills Assists Deaths
Xplicit 814 576 107 252
Düstiñ_ds3000 642 508 95 174
[ZBSM] Issun 574 298 35 303
Relic 361 206 92 184
Burger Train 251 143 58 154
Matthew 211 147 45 139
Goku 114 29 89 50
Doods 110 49 56 53
Javelin[PanicX] 92 59 7 83
Julio 75 54 35 97
Xile 75 51 33 50
^ElektrikerJens 48 37 14 51
Tserag 39 20 18 71
Burty117 35 27 4 45
Basher 33 24 6 18
Cyrus JumpjeT 29 8 36 26
Tizzlejack 15 13 8 10
Big.Bad.Dad 10 8 1 13
lordphill 10 2 8 15
Total 3538 2259 747 1788

***Note: If you are a member of the TechSpot Steam group who played with us yesterday but are not listed on the table, rest assured that you were in the random drawing. All players (even public) were in the drawing to ensure every TS member was included. We extracted TS members from the logs for the table afterward. Public players were not included in the table.