A study conducted by Reputation Institute suggests that Google, Sony, and Walt Disney are the top three most reputable companies in the world. The survey included 600 of the world's largest companies around the globe and spanned many industries - from tech giants like Microsoft (who ranked 11) to beverage brands like Coke (placed 25).

Around half of the top 10 companies on the list are technology-oriented, but that's to be expected, according to Dr. Charles Fombrun, chairman of Reputation Institute. "Technology has a powerful grip on the global rankings," says Fombrun. "Companies like Google, Sony, Apple, Nokia, Intel, and Microsoft have earned our trust and respect because they are all-pervasive solution-providers that affect our daily lives."

Along with a list of the 28 most reputable companies, the report highlights the top five brands for Asia, Central Europe, Central and South America, North America, and Northern Europe. Besides Google, Sony, and Walt Disney, BMW, Johnson & Johnson, Nestle, and Singapore Airlines are all reoccurring names across regions.