Rumors spread today that Google is removing Windows from its internal machines due to security concerns, favoring OS X, Linux and its own soon-to-debut Chrome OS. Although the search company has yet to acknowledge those rumblings, Microsoft felt compelled to share its two cents anyway.

In a blog post today, Redmond's Brandon LeBlanc noted that there is some irony in heckling Windows' security. LeBlanc points to a recent Mashable story which reported that Yale University halted its transition to Gmail and Google Apps for Education package, citing both security and privacy concerns.

He further added that despite Microsoft's previous shortcomings, the company has stepped up its game in the security department. LeBlanc says that hackers, third party influentials, and industry leaders like Cisco tell Microsoft that its "focus and investment continues to surpass others."

The post lists some of Microsoft's recent security improvements, including more frequent Windows Updates (many of which users receive automatically), the addition and/or enhancement of BitLocker, Windows Firewall, Parental Controls, and ASLR in Windows 7, and more.

LeBlanc couldn't resist taking a jab at the fact that Macs also face security threats, linking an InfoWorld article posted today that suggests Macs are under attack by "high-risk spyware." It also questions the future of security on Apple's platforms, hinting that it may find itself the target of more attacks as its profile and user base grows.