US District Judge Kimba Wood has granted LimeWire two weeks to respond to a motion filed Friday. The popular peer-to-peer file sharing software suffered a major legal defeat against the RIAA last week, after LimeWire founder Mark Gorton was found liable for copyright infringement, induced copyright infringement, and unfair competition.

Wood's ruling could follow any time after LimeWire responds to the filing, although the RIAA does have up to two weeks to counter LimeWire's submission. Legal analysts believe the case will result in the file swapping application's demise, and the RIAA has said a damage award could top a billion dollars. LimeWire, of course, begs to differ.

"We feel a permanent injunction is not the best course of action," said the company. "It could hold back the creation of new digital music technologies that LimeWire is in the process of developing, and does not benefit the industry as a whole. Following today's court appearance, we will be submitting our opposition brief."