Sony has finally divulged the launch plans for its PlayStation Move motion controller, including firm release dates and pricing. Folks in Europe will be first lay hands on the Move, which is expected to reach stores on September 15. Meanwhile, Americans will have to wait another four days until September 19 to take the plunge.

As expected, many packages are planned, but pricing for the standalone controller is a fairly reasonable $39.99, while the analog navigation controller will cost $29.99. Additionally, you can purchase the PlayStation Eye, PlayStation Move and the Stick for a flat $100, the PS Eye, Move and Sports Champions for $100, or a standard 120GB PS3 console, the Move, and Sports Champion for $400.

While we're talking about the PlayStation 3, it's worth noting that Valve's Gabe Newell dropped major news during Sony's E3 press conference: Portal 2 is coming for the PlayStation 3, and it'll be the "best version on any console." This is possibly the Portal 2-related secret we've all heard so much about.