If you happen to have a thing for EA games, then there's still time to take advantage of Steam's week-long EA extravaganza. The online game store launched "EA Week" this Monday and they're slashing prices on different titles every day until Sunday, June 21.

Those late to the party have already missed major savings on games like Crysis, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight, but you're just in time to score 75% off Mirror's Edge ($4.99), $50% off Dead Space ($9.99), and 33% off Spore and its expansions ($60.27 for the complete pack). Also, based on leaked images circulating online, Valve has a stellar lineup planned for this weekend.

The company was a bit reckless in designing the promotion, reportedly naming each day's promo image identically except for the day itself. Gamers were quick to figure that out and collected all of the sale images prematurely. The pictures show that "Mass Effect Day" is set for Saturday and Sunday is "Dragon Age Day" so you can expect massive discounts on both Mass Effect titles, as well as Dragon Age: Origins and its downloadable content.

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