Earlier rumors had indicated that Nvidia was preparing a mid-range addition to its GeForce GTX 400 lineup that would arrive in time for Computex, but as we now know that didn't happen. We do know the GTX 460 is on its way though, and unlike the GTX 465 that is more of the same power hungry Fermi that we have come to love and hate at the same time, the GTX 460 will be based on a cut-down revision of that chip "GF104" that should address our concerns about power consumption and heat generation, particularly relevant for a mainstream priced product that is meant to reach the masses.

The latest tidbits of information come from german publication Heise Online who have disclosed some impressive overclocking results. They claim they were able to overclock a GTX 460 from its stock speed of 675MHz to 830MHz without much effort. Then further tweaking the card's voltage had them hitting speeds in the 900MHz range at which point they were matching the performance of the much more expensive GeForce GTX 470.

According to Heise, there will be two versions of the GTX 460, one that comes with 768MB RAM and a 192-bit memory bus that will sell for $230, and a slightly more expensive version that will carry 1GB of RAM and a 256-bit memory interface.