Hoping to pillage your disposable income, Valve has launched an epic assault on your bank account: the Steam "Perils of Summer" sale. Until July 4, Steam will drastically reduce prices on a new set of games every day, promising discounts of up to 90%. Additionally, tons of game collections have been marked down by anywhere from 25% to 87%, effectively slashing prices on hundreds of titles.

For today's 24-hour sale, Killing Floor is $5 (75% off), the Overlord Complete Pack is $4.50 (85% off), Trine is $4 (80% off), BioShock 2 is $14.99 (50% off), the Unreal Deal Pack is $13.60 (66% off), Colin McRae DiRT 2 is $10 (75% off), Counter-Strike: Source is $6.80 (66% off), and Aion Standard Edition is $19.99 (50% off). We have a complete list of all the publisher-specific collections after the break.