Sony has detailed a forthcoming PlayStation 3 firmware update that will add various new features, including PlayStation Plus, enhancements between your PlayStation Network and Facebook accounts, and more. In case you've missed earlier reports, PlayStation Plus is a new paid subscription service that provides access to exclusive extras, such as free games, betas, special themes, and access to Qore. The existing free online platform will remain unaffected.

Other key additions in firmware update 3.40 include a photo gallery that lets you upload, browse and comment on Facebook and Picasa Web Album pictures. There's also a video editor with the ability to upload clips to YouTube and Facebook, a one to five star rating system for PlayStation Store content, and power save setting to automatically turn off the PS3 after a set duration, the default of which will be two hours.

Sony will launch the next PSP firmware update (v6.30) at the same time as PS3 3.40, but a date hasn't been announced. While we're talking about the PSP, it's worth noting that Sony exec Scott Rohde has gone on the record to say the company has no plans for a 3D-capable portable console. Granted, it's a seemingly niche feature at the moment but do you think Sony will reconsider its stance if the Nintendo 3DS is successful?

Update: Scattered reports online suggest the update is now live.