Sony preps PS3 and PSP firmware updates

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Sony has detailed a forthcoming PlayStation 3 firmware update that will add various new features, including PlayStation Plus, enhancements between your PlayStation Network and Facebook accounts, and more. In case you've missed earlier reports, PlayStation Plus is a new paid subscription service that provides access to exclusive extras, such as free games, betas, special themes, and access to Qore. The existing free online platform will remain unaffected.

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Isn't that power save setting already in the PS3... either that or I have mistaken that.

Also I'm really curious as to what PlayStation Plus has to offer. I just got a batch of new PS3 games so I'm ready to pick up my PS3 since I haven't played in like a month :)


I thought the ps3 already had that power save feature also. but maybe the time wasnt adjustable until now?.


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hello ...

the time wasn't adjustable indeed. for the other features, looks nice & PSN plus add a lot of value, won't go for it yet, i need to see what i need & what are my priorities, but someday for sure if it's available for my zone.

I really love the automatic background update feature.



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I don't see it mentioned in the article, so I'm going to assume they still did not add cross-game chat or a party system. Tsk tsk, Sony. Enough with the gimmicky features! Just give us something useful for once
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