Only two weeks after the beta release, Opera 10.60 is now available in its complete form, bringing more speed and more security, according to the browser's Norwegian developer. Opera Software says the latest revision is 50% quicker than 10.50 on "key" benchmarks, resulting in snappier performance on JavaScript-heavy sites like Gmail and Facebook.

Opera 10.60 also incorporates AVG anti-fraud and phishing protection to block malicious sites and keep users informed about potential malware and scams. Other improvements include search tweaks like the addition of Bing and a feature called search suggestions, support for WebM video as well as other HTML5 features, such as geolocation and Web app caching.

The interface has also received a facelift with an improved Menu button and the addition of large icon tabs. If you'd like to join the 120 million other folks using Opera (not all desktop users, mind you) swing by our download section and grab latest browser version: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux.