A new beta version of Opera is available and along with various new features, it flaunts the usual speed improvements. Build 10.60 of the "world's fastest browser" is said to be 50% quicker on select JavaScript tests than the recently launched Opera 10.50 - which is already quite speedy, so we're unsure how an isolated 50% improvement translates to real world performance. But faster is always better right?

Added features include geolocation, which can detect your location on a map and is useful for localizing search results, support for the open video format WebM, custom thumbnails for tabs, and overall visual improvements on Speed Dial, tab previews, and the Opera menu button.

There's also talk of "search suggestions for selected partners in the Speed Dial and search box," while HTML5 Appcache lets you use apps like a word processor or image editor in your browser, and developers can use Web Workers for heavy calculations without slowing down the browser.

You can download Opera 10.60b1 for Windows here.